So a little about me..

A fashion obsessed British blogger based in London, traveling the world and bringing you my favourites on fashion, lifestyle and travel.

I guess the love for adventure, excitements and finding new places has never allowed me to sit still in one place. I love and live for visiting new places, learning about other cultures, different mindsets and different ways to be alive.​ My philosophy in life is that we must follow our heart and build our dreams, no matter how crazy or unreal they seem or how funny they may look to others.​​ "Better an oops than a what if..."

So what is this blog all about? ​In short -- It is a collection of some of my favourite moments and adventures. Covering mainly topics on Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel with a sprinkle of other cool interesting topics.​

Here, I must also introduce my partner in crime and the fluffiest monster in all the land, little Sammy. Currently unaware of the fact that he is a dog, he enjoys a combination of long walks in the park, sitting next to you on a chair when in public (including restaurants-Yup), sniffing your food, stealing your socks and giving other dogs a dirty look when he sees them chasing a stick (I mean GOSH, who does that! *eye roll*). Oh and he hates people taking photos of him. So whenever you see him facing the camera, it's becuase we have a piece of ham hanging on the other side. #DivaPuppy #LoveHimMoreThanLife


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British Lifestyle blogger based in London but traveling the world and bringing you my favourites on lifestyle, travel, fashion, food, love and mindfulness. Will be posting lots of exciting things about experiences in my life, what i have learnt and all i'm hoping to do next. Life is too short and too beautiful to be anything but positive, happy and to do anything but follow your heart and go after your dreams and goals with everything you've got. My philosophy in Life is, if it makes you happy, ignore everyone and go for it and if it doesn't make you happy, forget about it all and just drop it. My aim is to use my little corner of internet to spread as much positivity as possible and help and inspire as many people as i possibly can on. Wheather it's lifestyle and fashion topics you're interested in or mindfulness and spirituality, I really hope there is something (even if small) on here which you'll like. If you have any good stories you want to share or want to collaborate, Please don't hesitate to get in touch. I always love hearing awesome stories and getting new people. lots of love, MonaTags: Lifestyle blogger, fashion blogger, British lifestyle blogger, London style, London fashion Blogger, London lifestyle, London style, travel blogger, british travel blogger, travel diaries, mindfulness blogger, let's spread positivity. Mona Liisa on